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Introduction to Accounting

This level deals with Basic Accounting and includes:

  • Ledgers and Journals
  • Period End Adjustments
  • Financial Statements and Supporting Schedules

To begin, run the following presentation and print the textbook.  Once you have reviewed that material you are ready to start learning.

Introduction to Accounting includes the following 6 sections:

  1. Basic Bookkeeping
  2. Period End Adjustments
  3. Worksheets and Closing Entries
  4. Financial Statements and Closing Entries
  5. Perpetual Inventory Journal Entries
  6. Special Journals

You must completely understand each step before moving on.

If you have Microsoft Excel, you can learn the material from the following workbooks.

NOTE: For the Macros to work you must "Enable this content" for the "Options" button of the Security Warning as shown below:

Excel Security Warning

  1. Module 1-Exercises
  2. Module 2-Exercises
  3. Module 3-Exercises
  4. Module 4A-Special Journals PowerPoint Presentation
  5. Module 4B-Special Journal Entry Decisions
  6. Module 4C-Exercises
  7. Module 5A-Period End Adjustments
  8. Module 5B-Exercises
  9. Module 6-Exercises
  10. Module 7-Exercises
  11. Module 8A-Exam Preparation Procedures
  12. Module 8B-Procedures Quick Reference
  13. Module 8C-Exercises
  14. Exam Preparation 1
  15. Exam Preparation 2
  16. Exam Preparation 3

All material is available on this site at no cost.

To pass each level the student must write an examination, provided by the association, to the student, through a proctor. The cost of writing each exam is $100.