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Period End Adjustments

When the bookkeeper has completed the day-to-day recording of transactions for the month, the Trial Balance will still not be correct.  There will be unrecorded Revenues and Expenses making Period End Adjustments necessary.


This level includes:

  • Unrecorded Revenues that increase Assets
  • Unrecorded Revenues that reduce Liabilities
  • Unrecorded Expenses that reduce Assets
  • Unrecorded Expenses that increase Liabilities

The exercises are in groups of 3.  Each group covers the same material, but with different amounts.  Do them in order so you advance at a logical pace.

You must completely understand each group before moving on.


The quizzes are designed to test your knowledge.  If you are having trouble with the exercises, practise the quizzes to boost your understanding.

The Supplemental Information is designed help further your understanding of the material.  If you are having trouble with the exercises, take a look at this material.